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 Specifically Designed and Manufactured to handle the Physicality of Water Polo

Drenched Water Polo Costumes are
  • Snug-fit, Secure, Durable and Comfortable
  • Sublimation printed
  • Double lined with same strong material
  • Polyester/PBT Composition with Chlorine Resistance and UV/SPF 50+ Protection

Take Care of your Drenched Costume:

  • Use cold hand rinse/wash after each use. Do not tumble dry, machine wash or iron
  • Beware of sharp and rough edges
  • Do not leave lying in the sun for too long
  • Beware of getting excess sun lotion or creams on your costume
  • Tighten string by pulling across each other rather than putting large pressure on the sewn hole for the string

Most importantly, enjoy your experience in a Drenched Cozzie