COVID-19 - The Strength of the Mind under these Uncertain Times

Where ever you may find yourself in the world during the Covid-19 Pandemic; whether you are in quarantine, lockdown or fighting on the frontline; whether your country is experiencing the pandemic now or slowly coming out the other side and returning to a sense of “normality”; the one thing which we can be sure of is that our present lives are abnormal and the future is uncertain.


Abnormality and uncertainty is definitely not the best combination for humans living in the 21st century, often resulting in stress, anxiety and depression. During this time, I often find myself dwelling on the cliché, “focus on today and tomorrow will worry about itself.” While some may be happy thinking this way, I get a strong feeling that most of us, especially sportsmen and sportswomen whom are used to working towards something and focusing on achieving an end goal, find this particularly difficult to follow. That is why I want to stress to you… STICK to setting your goals… IMPLEMENT your routines... and WORK HARD at achieving this.


There is no doubt that things are going to SERIOUSLY change in the future. How we do things, how we view things and how we anticipate and appreciate things will all change. That being said, we need to envision and believe in a future of intense and competitive water polo/sports matches. A future where we will, once again, get to train with our team mates as the water glistens orange from a stunning sun set and the lights are flicked on as the session runs deep into the evening. These were the days… and once again will be THE DAYS…


We, at Drenched, want to challenge you to keep your mind focused and your heart set on what will return. Train as if it is pre-season and take this opportunity to strengthen your weaknesses. Take the time to research different training techniques and playing patterns. Become a coach of your own game by being studious, willing to learn and by asking questions. Remaining a student and waiting for the pandemic to pass is not going to help you, your team or your club/school/team. ASK YOURSELF… “Am I able to pass and shoot with both hands? Are my legs strong enough? Is my agility in the pool up to the highest standards?” And when asking these questions, who are you comparing yourself too.


Social Media is BOOMING at the moment; and so DRENCHED would like to challenge players to send their individual training videos. We would like to challenge all coaches to open up their platforms to players’ questions as well as upload and challenge other coaches to assisting in finding a way to develop the sport during these DIFFERENT times. Fitness videos and programs are everywhere you look at present – challenge yourself physically and mentally to become a better coach and player.


This is the opportunity to come back a changed player or coach… a BETTER and MUCH IMPROVED player or coach. Stay focused and positive on what will return in the future. Never again shall we take for granted a simple passing drill with our team. We look forward to hearing your comments on the different social media platforms as we challenge each of you to set goals outside of your comfort zones and use this opportunity to be a team player by improving yourself – THE INDIVIDUAL.


#StayHome #StaySafe



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