Are you focusing on the 5% OR 95%

I was sent a page of a very interesting book which I am frothing at the mouth to get my hands on. In this book, A Coach's Diary, Billy Donovan refers to the difference between focusing on what I like to call the "limelight 5%" and the "Behind the Scenes 95%". I thought I would quote his text as it is so relevant to all sports, jobs, businesses, trading and life:

"In most sports, you only have the ball in your hands or at your feet 5% of the game. What are you doing the other 95% of the time?

So often, players measure their worth on what they do during the 5% of the time when they have the ball in their hands. They focus on makes vs misses and how many points they score, goals they score, touchdowns they score, home runs they hit, etc.

But what about the other 95%? What are you doing during the 95% of the game when you don't have the ball? How are you helping your team?

The 5% is important. The best players make plays when they have the ball in their hands or at their feet.Practice, practice, practice to maximize that 5% and to make plays to help your team.

But more importantly, also try find a way to make the biggest impact possible the other 95% of the time."


Happy New Year #DrenchedFamily


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